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Hello HR

would you like to provide #1 talent development resource of coaching to every level, not just executives? 


are budget constraints preventing you from going beyond e-learning & workshops?

myworkninja solves your problem

We make 1:1 coaching available at the spend of a group workshop

Now you can offer a four times more effective solution & achieve lasting results across the organization. 

Your team deserves it.


We have found MyWorkNinja perfect for our growing start up.  From a company perspective, it eases the burden of hiring additional staff for professional development of the team; for employees, they are able to consult with a 3rd party that has no hiring/firing decision making ability.  Employees know they have someone to talk out issues with before they escalate, build new skills not taught at school for career development and have appreciated the ease of service! 


Darci Lee, Director Talent,

BitTitan, Seattle, WA


Success! Message received.


Amanda is one of those people who comes into your life and turns it upside down and inside out… in the most constructive way possible. When I met Amanda, I was unhappy with my job. Through our sessions, I determined I wanted to start my own business, which is thriving now with offices in three cities around the world! In addition to coaching me through my career change, Amanda also helped me become healthier, including a strict diet and exercise plan (our sessions were done during runs around New York City). Her encouragement kept me motivated and moving forward. Amanda’s extraordinary skills didn’t just ‘coach’ my life, they changed it completely” 

—  Jitin, USA

—  Name, Title

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