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"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

Our Story

Stress became a regular word in my vocabulary a couple years ago. A few things happened all at once: I came out of a long-term relationship, my business was in a downturn, and I had just relocated to a new city on a new coast. The best thing I thought I could do was take a long pause. I took some time off to figure out what was next. 


I noticed a lot of people were in similar stressful situations, to the point where it started affecting the quality of their life. Yet, there seemed to be no right solution to deal with it.


This made me take a deeper look. For an average person, the only resource I found available was meeting with a therapist. In my mind, this was like going to an emergency room for the common cold. After all, most people face stress from work and life on a daily basis.


Then I came across coaches who work with top executives of companies. One of my cousins, who is a VP at a Fortune 100 company, told me that their management team was required to meet with a coach on a monthly basis. This was done so they could work through any professional or personal issues with someone. The coach would provide assistance when they were stuck or guidance when they wanted to set goals and strategies to achieve them, much like a sports coach does for a team or player. 


This was fascinating!


But why only top management had access to this resource and not everyone else was my next thought. The reason is because availing coaching services is very expensive and comes with long-term contracts, as coaching is a very fragmented industry.

I started with the mission of making this service accessible to all on a millennial budget with the convenience of no contracts and on-demand availability. I discovered that we could use the downtime coaches have in their private practices and offer it to our clients at a much lower access point. This was the eureka moment. We then spent time evaluating the best coaches on the market based on their experience and training and figuring out the technical details of making this service user friendly.

Today on our web platform, with a click of a button, you have on-demand, no-contract access at millennial budget to top of the line, vetted, and ICF-credentialed high caliber coaches from all over the world. The more coaching allows people to bring their best work to the world, the better the world we will create. We want everyone to have their personal ninja. We hope you will join us in this mission and vision!

--Rahul Taparia, Founder 

Our Values

We couldn't have said it better..


Amanda is one of those people who comes into your life and turns it upside down and inside out… in the most constructive way possible. When I met Amanda, I was unhappy with my job. Through our sessions, I determined I wanted to start my own business, which is thriving now with offices in three cities around the world! In addition to coaching me through my career change, Amanda also helped me become healthier, including a strict diet and exercise plan (our sessions were done during runs around New York City). Her encouragement kept me motivated and moving forward. Amanda’s extraordinary skills didn’t just ‘coach’ my life, they changed it completely” 

—  Jitin, USA

—  Name, Title

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