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I am so thrilled with the positivity that has come from our coaching sessions.  Lynn’s approach is open and honest.  She provides opportunities for discussion and reflection.  I have had many “Aha” moments both in our sessions and since.  She has provided me with tools and insight that have proven invaluable in the art of leadership. I am connecting with my staff, they feel valued and are working hard. Wow – thank you for all you have given me!!!


Kathy consulted with my sales team while I was out on maternity leave.  She ensured they were heard and assisted them with strategizing different ways to win.  When I came back to work Kathy had put together a thorough analysis of my current team with strengths and weaknesses as well as areas of opportunity.  I am thankful my team had an experienced sales manager as their coach and am especially appreciative of the outside perspective on how to maximize the strengths of my team members.

Terrell W.

“I was offered the opportunity for coaching through my workplace this past year which I immediately jumped on. In my mind I’d already imagined all the things I could work out with my coach such as how to manage my time better and how to manage my staff better as well. Little did I know when I signed up for coaching with Laura, that I would learn so much more, and specifically, how to manage myself – my expectations, my vision of how I wished to show up to work every day and how to ask the right questions, to myself and to others as to be as effective, inspired and inspiring as possible. Laura’s unique “emotional intelligence” approach may seem less serious to some, but in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Through Laura’s sensitive, intuitive yet highly logical approach, I was invited to take a thorough look at the assumptions of what leadership is or should be and how I had the power and ability to tap into the leader in me, in the most authentic manner. I also learned to manage my perception of time and through Laura’s guidance discovered ways of tapping into that restful and energizing space within even during my busiest and most stressful moments. Each session with Laura was a true revelation and spurred introspection that led to many behaviour changes both at and away from work that benefitted me, and I believe, my organization, my team members and staff, as well as those closest to me. Although my coaching sessions with Laura are over, I continue to learn from Laura’s wisdom, insight and guidance and can still hear her voice ring out from time to time in a calm, kind and optimistic way, “How do you want to show up today?” Thank you Laura for being the best coach EVER. 

Manon D.

Lynne has a totally unique approach: melding intuitive work with coaching in a way that is totally different, dynamic, and deeply moving, leading to practical applicable results. Her intuitive approach allows you to understand what is happening in your life, while aiding you in making transformations, by summarizing what she hears you say and helping set priorities so they work for you. Lynne has a true gift of being a genuine coach with lots of heart and clearness in her words during the process.

Diane H.

I see my life as an arena, and as I stand in its centre, curve balls get lobbed at me: love, death, birth, retrenchment, beginnings, endings, happiness, sadness. Being involved with a military spouse with PTSD has been like trying to hit a cannon ball with a badminton racquet or trying to catch a fly ball with the sun in my eyes. I was so concerned with the size and type of ball (problem) being thrown that I forgot that I had the reflexes, knowledge and savvy to catch it, look at it from all angles and become so familiar with it that I was no longer afraid of it. Laura helped me to find my strengths and guided me to use them to overcome my weaknesses. Instead of ducking away from the ball, avoiding it, running out of the arena and hiding or attempting to hit it back to where it came from, Laura coached me to see it, anticipate it, and plan what to do with it. To hold my hands out, to catch it and to be in control of where it goes to from there. That power and game plan has allowed me to control my reactions and reflexes in every relationship arena in my life – my family, my friends, my sports, recreation, marriage and our PTSD challenges. Laura has guided, coached, listened, and understood what my needs were without judgment, without condescension and without putting me in a “category”. She personalised the coaching to my quirks, my moods, my needs, my highs and lows and my end goals. She has given me suggestions, practical advice and plenty of tools to use in every situation. As with all tools – they do not work unless you use them. I am very grateful to Laura for guiding me so gently and skilfully to the light switch and giving me the strength and confidence to turn it on. 

Carmen H.

Gord provided transformational guidance in the early stages of developing my leadership style. The most profound takeaway from his guidance was that he helped me determine what motivates the individuals around me. This helped me understand how  to play to the strengths of others to create a more successful team environment where everyone feels valued.

John M.

Empowering & Authentic

Gord is a phenomenal coach. As president Gord acted as my mentor and coach throughout the year. Gord has helped me grow as a leader and empower me to outperform many of the goals I had as a leader. Gord gives you his honest opinion, without sugar coating it without doesn't tell you what to do; he challenges you to discover the right answers yourself. I highly recommend Gord as a leadership coach.

Shahir M.

While I was President of a council of volunteers, Gord acted as a personal leadership coach who inspired me with his energetic personality and value driven style of leadership. He helped me realize greater potential as a leader and showed me how to embrace challenging roles with the drive to make a real impact. Gord illustrated that leadership is founded on authenticity, and enabled me to develop a personalized style of leadership to engage and empower fellow peers. With his certification in Myers Briggs Personality testing, Gord coached me with a strong, accurate understanding of self-awareness and to manage my relationships effectively. I am particularly grateful to Gord for coaching me on particularly challenging crises in my leadership position. In one situation, he gave me the courage to step outside my comfort zone and conduct a challenging performance review of a less dedicated individual. Furthermore, he helped me develop an advanced, professional conduct when dealing with people's personal issues. In addition, Gord showed me to create a path forward in working together to achieve mutual success in the future. Gord's professionalism, enthusiastic personality, disciplined virtues and unyielding integrity are what I admire the most about him. I highly recommend seeking Gord as a coach if you are interested in developing your leadership with someone who is passionate about helping others reach an internal standard of excellence.

Subhash S.

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