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What you can expect

We’ve said it before – and we will say it again. The landscape of coaching has changed drastically from where it was even ten years ago.

Coaching was once a practice used for employees that were problematic, underperforming and toxic. It was a reactive technique – put into place once there was a problem to solve and improve. Today, the landscape of coaching is near opposite of what it once was.

Coaching is now used as a proactive practice for valued employees. It is directed towards a company’s best talent, who can continue to improve and add value to the workplace. So why do these employees benefit from coaching? Aren’t they good enough employees already?

No matter how talented, bright or communicative an employee may be, there is always an opportunity to enhance strengths and talents. Coaching presents a chance to continue both professional and personal development. Coaches aim to gather and give feedback to employees – so that learning can come easier, and with more energy and positivity. Employees that are introduced to a coach have a better awareness of thei