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So, about those Executive Coaches..

You might be hearing it over and over again, as you learn about us. Your Ninja will help you achieve this. Your Ninja will coach you through that. Your Ninja will be there for that. But who are these Ninjas, exactly? Well, they are professional Executive Coaches who have been trained on all things stress and goal setting.

If you’re not familiar with the ‘Executive Coach’ term, we wanted to give you a bit of insight into what you can expect from our Ninjas. What exactly is a Executive Coach? What can they help you with? What are people saying about them?

Well, putting it simply, a coach will help you set goals and get the most out of your day-to-day. Is your goal making more time for rest and relaxation? Or perhaps it’s learning how to manage your workplace stress? Whatever it may be, a coach is who will hold you accountable for reaching your goals, while also creating a plan with you on how to achieve them.