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Relationship Stress

You’ve got some big bills to pay this month. You’ve been having a hard time at work, and have trouble leaving it at the office. You’re short on time, and have been sacrificing time with loved ones to accommodate for other priorities.

No matter what it may be, stress from other factors can find its way into your personal relationships. This being said, it couldn’t be more important to keep your relationships stress-free, healthy, and supportive. And there are many tactics that are easily put into place to do so, but they all boil down to one thing: more communication.

As Huffington Post’s mental health editor Dr. Lloyd Sederer will tell you, you have to be ready to talk about pretty uncomfortable things: sex, your friends, and your needs. A quick overview of all three?

Sex? Make sure you’re communicating what you need out of it, and what feels good. It’s an awkward subject to bring up, but a good way to break the ice is asking how you can please, and then reversing the conversation.

Your friends? It can take time to develop relationships with your partner’s friends. It can take even longer to create a group that works for you both. Take time to discuss how it’s important to have a few mutual friends, and how a social circle that’s engaging is healthy for you both.

Needs? What are your goals for this relationship - and are you getting what you need out of it? If yes, talk about how you can continue to sustain that. If no, talk about what exactly you need, and how you can get that through working together.

If your goal is to make your relationship as strong, healthy and positive as it can be, small steps and constant communication is a perfect way to start. Let’s help you create a plan to get there.

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