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Goal Setting

A big part - perhaps the biggest part - of what we do at StressNinja is making sure you reach personal and professional goals. Do you want to be less stressed? Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to have better relationships? All of these things are, at their core, goals that we help you reach.

But how does one achieve their goals, exactly? How do we stay focused so we don’t lose sight of what we want and need out of our lives?

The answer starts at finding a goal that is both challenging and achievable. We need something that will keep us compelled and interested. Goals that we can achieve overnight aren’t likely to lead to substantial change. Goals that will take months, maybe even years, to reach? That’s something that takes real commitment, and is also something that will have real results for you.

In many cases, we’re only going to reach our goals by changing our daily habits. Little changes that we implement day by day produces results. If you want to be healthier, it’s not one workout or meal that creates an impact. Maybe, instead, it’s a 30 minute walk a few nights a week, or signing up for a yoga class that sparks your interest. We have to adapt our behavior so that we act on our goals day after day, week after week.